Are you a trainer?

Steps to be followed by the trainers when helping/scaffolding students in the use of the portfolio

1. Identification of two competences chosen by the student among the 6 addressed by DARE+.
2. Students self-assess themselves going over the DARE+ tables of dimensions and levels.
3. Trainers support students' reflection using for example the explicitation interview, helping them in expressing what happened in previous situations in which they developed the chosen competence and therefore what kind of resources they used and what they learnt. The trainer/teacher scaffolds him/her in this process of re-living an experience and then of reflection upon it
4. The support of the trainers leads to the narrative part of the Portfolio sheets, where students describe the competences and identify evidences of his/her competences: pictures could be also accepted.
5. Recognition: the students ask a peer and a trainer for formative feedback about the given competence, in order to collect an external point of view on the competences self-assessed.