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Definition of cluster of competences and identification of levels

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Social entrepreneurship is the competency to respond to social challenges and create opportunities by undertaking innovative and sustainable projects in collaboration with others.

Competence Indicator

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Awareness of social challenges and proactive approaches

Has a basic sense of social challenges: observes reality and identifies challenges

Sees opportunities for actions and possible approaches; weighing the risks and potentials

Has the capacity and self-esteem to take decisions with inclusion of risks. Develops a plan of actions

Inspiring others to take part in projects with social impact. Finding resources

Shares knowledge and discusses visions with possible partners

Engages individuals and groups to participate in the social initiative. Identifies necessary resources.

Develops a business plan to move towards the shared vision. Procures the necessary resources

Undertaking ambitious (complex and challenging) projects that respond to social challenges

Starts a pilot project

Considers positive and negative feedback from the pilot, demonstrates flexibility necessary to adjust the project to build on its strengths

Develops complex projects and networks to replicate the pilot experience, and is able to turn criticism and failure into success

Application of management skills (financial, personal, organizational...) to guarantee the sustainability of the project

Knows what financial, personal and organizational elements are required for the sustainability of the project

Can identify procurement sources for the necessary elements

Can organize and monitor the three aspects in a way that promises to bring the project to the desired aim and profitability