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Definition of cluster of competences and identification of levels

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Leadership is the use of individual skills to organise, coordinate and delegate tasks, providing constructive feedback, solving possible conflicts creatively and through dialogue. Leadership requires empathy, initiative and creativity and the ability to express thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions clearly and assertively.

Competence Indicator

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Developing effective communication strategies

Communicates initiatives with clarity

Engages others to convey Initiatives

Fosters others’ enthusiasm for/with own initiatives

Delegating, distributing work in balanced way

Distributes work among team members in order to cover all tasks

Distributes work in order to cover all tasks matching tasks to team members’ skills

Distributes work effectively among team members in order to cover all tasks, thereby building confidence

Appropriately expressing recognition for things well done/Providing constructive feedback to team members

Appropriately expresses recognition for things well done.

Through recognition, stimulates satisfaction of group members with the work they’ve done

Fosters the initiative of others through recognition


Prefers to work alone, however tries to work with others. Unable to mediate/Difficulties when mediating

Ability to encourage teamwork. Forges team identity and can mediate in most situations of conflict

Successfully gets others to work well as a team. Effective mediator.


Enthusiastic in role of leader. Requires prompting and lacks initiative.

May have some original ideas or build on others’ ideas. Acts when situation is critical.

Shows initiative, acts without prompting. Innovative and highly motivated.

Emotional maturity

Tries to cope with pressure and demands, but is not always successful

Can cope with most demands and remains calm in most situations

Is calm and composed under pressure. Provides an example for other team members in difficult situations.


Decisions taken lightly without thought for consequences

Appropriate decision-making taking into account complexities of issues.

Sound decisions and judgements made and respected by other team members.